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Dr. Nick,
What can I say? It’s a modern day miracle. Throughout my entire life, I have used glasses and the past 3 years contact lenses. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t trying to focus through wet glasses in the rain, or taping my glasses together throughout my scholastic career from a sporting mishap. In my 30’s I went to contact lenses to lose the glasses, and found that I could not read well in low light, and also felt like scratching my eyes out after a long day wearing them.

It was not an ideal solution by any means but beat glasses. I have often looked back at my pictures from 30 plus years, and shake my head thinking that such a day of clear vision would have only come in the Kingdom of Heaven. I would have never believed that my vision could have become what it is today, with a laser and 10 minute procedure. It’s unbelievable and truly a modern day miracle. I know that my eyes are still healing and I am still getting used to them. When I look up close at some things,

I still every once and a while will tilt my head down to look over the top of my glasses which are no longer there, and the action is merely habit and not out of necessity. Some habits are hard to break, but a fantastic one to put into disuse. Even though I deal with a lot of things and see a lot of things, I am still a ninny when it comes to medical procedures and surgery…as you found out. Don’t spread that around either!

I wasn’t quite sure what to think about the whole thing at first, and was quite cautious about my eyes being operated on. Your confidence and assurance of my viability of a successful outcome was comforting and the impetus for me having the procedure done.

I am very happy with my new eyesight and still thank God every day as well as Saint Paraskevi that such procedures are possible and that my eyesight has become a million times better than before and keeps getting better every day. Thank you for what you are doing. As in the book of Samuel in the Old Testament, it says “Blessed are the hands of doctors, because they are the hands of God.”

I wish you all the best for this new year and with your family. May God continue to bless you and guide you always helping you to do His work for so many people.

I feel visually liberated and I thank you for all that you do and have done for me.
Happy New Year “Kiddo.”
In Christ,
Fr. Peter Spiro

Being in Law Enforcement my eyesight is very important to me and my safety. Dr. Caro came highly recommended from other officers that I work with. After carefully doing my research about Lasik Eye Surgery and about Dr. Caro, I called and scheduled a consultation.

Dr. Caro walked me through the entire procedure and answered all my questions and concerns. Dr. Caro was extremely professional, informative and patient, never once did he pressure me into having a procedure done that I was not ready for. Dr. Caro performed many tests on me to first find out if I was a candidate for Lasik Eye Surgery. After speaking with me and my family about the risks, pro's and con's of the surgery and the costs, I decided to have the procedure done to both of my eyes.

The surgery was done in January of 2005, performed by Dr. Nick Caro and his exceptional staff. The surgery was exactly how Dr. Caro described to me that it would be, no surprises, nothing that wasn’t explained to me prior to the surgery. Dr. Caro and his staff were very caring and concerned about my comfort and healing process after the surgery.

Everything went great and it is now a year later, January 19, 2006 and I am seeing better than I ever have in my life. My vision has been perfect since two hours after the surgery and has only got better over the past year. Dr. Caro and his staff still treat me like I am the only patient with care, concern, and professionalism.

I have recommended two colleagues and one family member to Dr.Caro for Lasik eye surgery and they all are extremely happy with the outcome. Dr. Caro has made me a safer, more confident Law Enforcement Officer.

Steve Linder Deputy U.S. Marshal
N/IL-Chicago Office

At first I was a little skeptical about the surgery. But once the procedure began I knew that I was in good hands. Once it was over I felt a big weight lifted knowing that everything went good. Now I can see the whole world clearer and without having to wear glasses thanks to Dr. Caro and his staff. I recommend it with 100% satisfaction. I would send you an autographed picture so that you can put it up with the rest of those famous people you have on your wall but I am not there yet.

Thank you very much Dr. Caro
Fausto Gonzalez

Excellent Investment

I don't need glasses, HURRAY!

Dachae Blanton

This is by far the best thing I've ever done! I'm a really active person and the thing that I love the most is the freedom to do things like swimming or traveling and not have to worry about glasses or contacts anymore. And I no longer have irritation or dryness.

I would and HAVE recommended it to many others! -- Carrie Lewin

Hi, I had my Lasik surgery a few months ago, I was referred by my friend who had surgery with Dr. Caro 3 years ago. I love my new vision. Dr. Caro and all the staff were great. My whole surgical experience was awesome. The whole procedure took just a few minutes in the surgical suite, I felt absolutely no pain and I was able to leave a few minutes after surgery. The next day when I woke up and "I COULD SEE"!!!!! My vision was almost as good as with my contacts and after a few more days my vision was even better than that. I’m truly grateful to Dr. Caro and to the whole staff at the St. George Eye Center and I have already sent quite a few friends so they too can enjoy life free from their contacts.

An extremely satisfied patient!!

I am very happy with my procedure. I do not even have a problem with close-up reading! I have already referred my sister to you (she had it by Dr. Caro and is very happy as well). I have also recommended Dr. Caro to several other people/friends/acquaintances who want the procedure, but want a reference because they are hesitant. Thanks again, only four more payments and I am done.

Patrick Elliott

I am very happy with the results of the surgery and would definitely recommend your clinic. All is well with the vision part.


I could not be any more happy with the outcome of my Lasik surgery from the St. George Eye Center. My results from this surgery have been so positive I feel like I have been able to see perfect my entire life. Thank you very much Dr. Nick Caro and everyone else who helped me at the St. George Eye Center.

Vito Dastice

What can I say but thank you! I can't believe how easy the procedure was.... and the entire staff was great. Dr. Caro's confidence certainly put me at ease throughout the entire ordeal.... from the moment I first spoke to him, until the first follow up.

Walberto Ralon

It was a good experience.

Jorge Bahena

Dear Dr. Caro and Staff,
This was by far one of the best experiences I have had regarding the medical profession of any kind. I am an admitted "chicken" when it comes to anything involving going to a doctor, but the attention I received at St. George was very comforting. Every question is answered, and the staff is very in tune to your needs.

As far as Dr. Caro himself, he just blew me away, with his concern for me as a patient. I have recommended St. George, and Dr. Caro to many friends, who are now considering this procedure, because of how good the quality of care is at the center. One other thing; you guys make a great first impression, your waiting area is clean and comfortable.

I have been in other offices and the waiting area alone made me rethink my choice in a professional. Thank you so much for taking care of me and my eyes, my vision is getting better every day.

Nancy Geldermann

dr. nick-
just a quick note of thanks for the great job you and your staff did on my recent lasik surgery. amazing! what a thrill to be able to see without contacts. the surgery was easy and totally pain free. i will definitely be sending some referrals your way. keep up the good work. thanks again!

all the best

paul levin
levin bmw


My name is Michael, and I am very glad to have participated in Dr. Caro's Lasik eye correction procedure. I feel like a new person because I can see farther and clearer than I was ever able to. My sight is so good that I can see better than my friends and that is a wonderful feeling. Since I’m in school, I need to read the blackboard, the great thing about Lasik is that now I can sit at the back of the class and see just as well as if I were sitting right up in front.

St. George's Corrective Vision Center is a great place to go. The staff and doctors are wonderful. They answer every question you throw at them and make you like part of the family. I will be referring others to this great place. Thank you very much guys. Sincerely,

Michael Zdanowski


“ Thank you so much for all of your kindness. I really appreciate all of your patience and great help.”

“Thank you Dr. Caro, you are truly the Best. What a difference.”

“What amazes me is that I can read the tiny print on wrappers.”






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